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7 Tips To Pack For A Trip To The Smoky Mountains in the USA

365 Tickets May 3, 2018

Everybody deserves a break from the hectic schedule and workload that keeps on piling up. One of the best ways to rejuvenate and recharge is a trip to the smoky mountains. There’s nothing more therapeutic than exploring the snow-capped mountains. When it comes to packing for such trips, you are likely to struggle a bit. A vacation to the mountains is different from a beach holiday or a city exploration in many ways. Hence, you need to be cautious while packing stuff and preparing yourself for the good days. 

Keep reading to know the top tips that might transform the daunting packing sessions into an interesting one. 

Get Suitable Luggage 

One of the most important parts of packing for the smoky mountain vacation is the luggage you choose. You can choose the right type based on the activities and attractions awaiting in the new city. For all the hiking lovers, a sturdy hiking backpack will do the job quite well. However, avoid carrying a backpack if you’re planning to explore the hills and not the peaks. Some options to consider are duffel bags, wheeled luggage, and carry-on luggage. Make sure to choose the luggage based on the load as heavy luggage might cause shoulder-related ailments. A trip to the Smoky Mountains requires a light-weight bag with multiple movement options like wheels or slides. 

Check The Weather Beforehand 

Once you finalize the luggage, it’s time to do some weather and climate-related research. Mountain regions can be quite unpredictable when it comes to the weather. You must sit back and check the weather forecast for the trip days. Also, try to know the weather forecast one day before and after your trip as well. That way, you can be sure of the kind of clothes and accessories to pack for the vacation. Also, it allows you not to dwell on predictions and carrying the stuff that you will most likely need. Even if the forecast shows a warm and pleasant environment, you must pack some woollen clothes. Not only will it help you endure the cold nights, but it also covers up for the wrong predictions by the forecast. 

Pack The Right Clothing 

Another thing to consider while packing for the vacation is the kind of clothes. For a trip to the smoky hilltops, you require comfortable and woollen clothes to keep the chill at bay. Start with packing the daily essentials like light tees, shorts, and woollen pyjamas for the nighttime. Further, move to woollen clothes like sweaters, sweatshirts, and warm jackets. You must also pack a raincoat as the hilltop weather changes in a drastic manner. Apart from this, stuff in some woollen socks, scarves, and warmers for additional protection against the cold weather. Once you pack the clothing, choose the right winter accessories that might help during the trip. From UV-Protection sunglasses to hats and hiking boots, you are likely to need them all. 

Carry Essential Electronic Gadgets 

Climbing the top of hills can be a daunting task without good music and the right direction. That’s where the role of electronic gadgets creeps in. Along with the clothing, you require top-notch electronic gadgets to keep the entertainment high. Make sure to pack a travel adapter, cell-phone charger, and power banks. Also, you might consider taking a wireless headphone and other music gadgets along. Not only will it help you stay in tune, but it also covers up for the boring walks along the trails. Other than this, take a travel camera and memory cards to record the moments. This becomes even more essential when you need to maintain a travel journal simultaneously. 

Adapt To Daily Skin Care 

Travelling to the mountains might deteriorate your skin in multiple ways. High rise mountains expose you to higher ultraviolet radiation that slows down the skin replication process. Also, it disturbs the skin pores and might result in the blocking of the pores. Not to forget, the cold climate of the hills is likely to transform your skin into a dull and dry one. Make sure to carry the skincare essentials and maintain the salubrity of your skin. You must pack an SPF-50 sunscreen, face cleansers, facial mists, and wet wipes. For your skincare regime, try the three-step quick skincare comprising of cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturization. 

Don’t Forget Some Toiletry

It’s always better to carry your essentials rather than relying on the hotel for the same. It is especially applicable to the toiletry items that might not be of good quality at the destination. While packing the luggage, you can choose a separate handbag for the toiletry items. Grab the essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, face wash, and shampoo. 

Prepare for Medical Emergencies 

Another aspect to keep in mind while exploring your favourite destination is medical emergencies. Accidents and injuries are inevitable, and you must make prior arrangements for the same. To manage such an emergency, the least you can do is carry a medical first-aid kit. You can put some regular medications like antipyretics, antiemetics, antihistamines, and painkillers in the bag. Further, pack antiseptics, cotton, band-aids, and bacterial ointments to take care of wounds and injuries. Other medical instruments like oximeter, thermometer, and glucometer are also essential for hill station vacations. 

Bottom Line 

All you need is a trip to the mountains and take a break from your regular boring life. However, you must make prior arrangements and pack for the same. While packing, there are a few things that might transform your trip into a hassle-free one. Start with choosing the right type of luggage that fits all your needs for the trip. Further, checkup on the weather and pack the items as per the same. You must not miss out on the essential items like electronics, toiletries, and skincare for a smooth travel experience.