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7 Road Trip Ideas in Australia For 2021

365 Tickets May 3, 2018

From breathtaking coastline routes to extensive outback adventures, and from lush green landscapes to thundering waterfalls, Australia is a sheer delight if you are looking for road trip ideas.

One of the best ways to appreciate the land down under is to get behind the wheels to hit the open roads.

After all, in a country dominated by stunning landscapes, taking the quickest route from point A to point B is like missing out on half the fun.

Pick up the road map and get ready to enjoy some of the finest road trips from the great southern land. Here are our seven road trip ideas for discovering the true beauty of Australia.

Road Trip australia1. The Big Lap

Topping our list of road trip ideas in Australia is the Big Lap, which happens to be the circumnavigation of the country.

It follows about 15,000 km of Highway One and links the major cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, Cairns, Broome, and Perth.

If you have enough time (at least six months!) and a four-wheeled drive, then this is the most epic journey you can take in Australia. Y

ou will pass through sleepy coastal towns, big cities, dusty outback, pristine beaches, and verdant rainforests on your path. It’s time to get your roof rack accessories in order because this is the route you take to enjoy the best of Australia in one journey.2. Gibb River Road

This road, spanning 660 km from Derby to Wyndham in WA, was constructed back in the sixties for transporting cattle stock.

The magnificence of the wilderness of Kimberley can be best experienced by taking a trip along the Gibb River Road.

Expect to witness ancient gorges, spellbinding waterfalls, sacred rock art, and Aboriginal sites, and cattle stations along the way.

You will get to meet some rather fascinating people on this trip too. Don’t miss out on viewing the famous Bell Gorge, a multi-layered sandstone structure with a waterfall cascading down it to form pools. Take a dip in the cool waters of the pool before resuming your journey.

2. The Great Ocean Road

One of the most famous stretches of roads in the country, The Great Ocean Road, goes from Allansford to Torquay in Victoria on the southern coast. A road trip in Australia is incomplete without exploring this particular stretch of road.

It covers 243 kilometers and passes alongside the most spectacular coastline, including shipwrecks, sunburnt cliffs, rainforests, and the renowned Twelve Apostles (eight of which exist right now).

Keep a small tip in mind if you’re heading out along this road. Start your journey in Torquay so that you stay on the ocean side of this road. It will be easier to pull over to enjoy the view.

great-ocean-road3. Cairns to Cape York

Taking this drive spanning 1000 km means starting at Cains, the doorway to the Barrier Reef, and ending at Cape York, the northernmost point of mainland Australia. The scenic route will take you through red dirt roads into an area where two of the UNESCO World Heritage sites meet, namely, the Daintree and the Reef. 

However, that is not the only high point of your journey on this route. You will also come across lush rainforests, prehistoric rock art, and crocodile-infested river crossings. The Quinkan Galleries are one of the highlights of this route. It has a collection of rock art that dates back to at least 30,000 years.

4. The East Coast of Tasmania

From the gorgeous Bay of Fires to the historic Hobart, this road trip will take you along the coast through Bicheno, Swansea, and St. Helena. Blissfully serene and strikingly beautiful, the East Coast of Tasmania is known for its rich produce of seafood, cheese, and wine. 

But, there is more to it than that. You will also get to spot unique wildlife, explore empty beaches, and learn more about the convict history on this journey. And, on taking a bit of a detour, you will reach the Freycinet National Park where the blue waters, Granite Mountains, and continuous chirping of birds welcome you.

5. Great Alpine Road

The route starts at the north-eastern part of the state at Wangaratta and winds its way to reach Metung in Gippsland Lakes while covering 500 km.

What makes it great is that it is one of the highest accessible roads in Australia that passes through wine-producing regions, deep valleys, mountain ranges, and the glistening waters of the Gippsland Lakes area. On your way, you will also come across historic towns such as Omeo, Bright, and Beechworth.

A vital tip to remember is that these roads are best avoided during winter. But, if you decide to take the journey during the colder months, get wheel chains fitted to the car and have a tank full of fuel before starting.

6. Perth to Ningaloo

Explore the breathtaking Coral Coast of WA on a route that stretches over 1200 km and takes you from Perth to Ningaloo.

Travelling along this route is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of feeling. Mother Nature has endowed the stretch with all the beauty she could muster. After all, is there anything as beautiful as witnessing the rugged outback meeting the blues of the Indian Ocean?

The best time to take this trip is between June and September when the landscape is made prettier with a colourful array of wildflowers.

The other significant points of this route are the Kalbarri National Park, Pinnacles Desert, and World Heritage Shark Bay.

7. Bidding Adieu

And, that’s it for the road trip to Australia for 2021! You have all the information you need to set out and explore Australia uniquely and excitingly.

It is time to start making plans for the trip of a lifetime. After all, open roads, unforgettable vistas, and a few good songs playing on the stereo: isn’t that what good life dreams are made of?

Get ready as the land down under awaits you!